Every animal with teeth has progressive dental disease

Dental Care

The difference from one animal to the next is the rate of progression. Factors contributing to how fast dental disease builds up are diet, genetics and home dental care.

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Getting Started with dental care

If your dog or cat already has dental disease, then it is time for a professional dental cleaning. 

  • Professional dental cleanings should only be performed on pets if they are under anesthesia. This allows us to protect their airways from dirty water and allows us to carry out treatments which are sometimes painful.
  • When your pet goes under anesthesia for a dental cleaning, they will have their teeth scaled with an ultrasonic scaler and polished afterwards.
  • We also inspect each tooth for evidence of disease which includes mobility, excessive pocketing, bone loss, broken teeth, infection, root exposure among other things.

If any of these are identified during the procedure your veterinarian will discuss treatment options to help correct your pet’s painful dental disease

Dental x-rays are an important part of dental prophylaxis (dental cleanings)

  • They help us identify problems that exist below the gum line and they help identify and avoid potential complications with tooth extractions before they get extracted.

Tooth root abscesses, bone loss, unerupted teeth and hooked roots are some of the important findings dental x-rays provide.

Chew toys which are very hard can easily break a dog’s teeth.

  • Chew toys should be soft enough to have some give when chomped on.
  • The harder the toy, the more likely your dog will need expensive dental work to either repair or remove the damaged tooth.

Some of the common offenders include antlers, marrow bones and hooves.


Have Questions?

Brushing your pet’s teeth is, by far, the most effective way to slow down the progression of dental disease.



Here are some great tips from Primary Pet Care to get your pet dental hygiene regimen pointed in the right direction.

Start brushing their teeth as early as puppies or kittens.

A good quality dry pet food is better for reducing dental disease progression.

Avoid pet dental products that promise the world but don’t do anything.


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Primary Pet Care client "Jessica & Crawl" a Great Dane.
Jessica & Crawl

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Dr. Gifford and the team at Primary Pet Care are committed to keeping your pet healthy with the latest dental equipment and gentle techniques.

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