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Your pet's physical examination

Your veterinarian will conduct the following checks to ensure your pet’s health.

Jack Russell Terrier getting ready for his pet physical examination.


These include measuring weight, temperature, heart rate, and breathing rate and forming fundamental assessments of your pet's well-being. These simple yet crucial measurements offer initial insights into your pet's health.

For instance, weight changes can indicate positive developments or concerns that demand immediate attention.



Your vet will perform an oral examination to assess for issues like calculus, gingivitis, broken or infected teeth, and any oral lumps.

It's good to note, oral health significantly impacts your pet's overall well-being, and problems in the mouth can often go unnoticed by pet owners since animals may behave as usual, even when experiencing mouth discomfort.



Listening to the heart and lungs is crucial for detecting abnormal sounds or rhythms, which can be early indicators of heart disease.

Regular monitoring aids in early disease detection and prepares veterinarians to anticipate future developments and respond appropriately.



With trained hands, your vet will perform deep abdominal palpation to check for any signs of pain or concerning lumps within the abdomen. This thorough examination with trained hands can detect subtle abnormalities that might remain unnoticed.

Your veterinarian will palpate your pet superficially to check for concerning lumps, bumps, infections and growth abnormalities.



Your vet will perform a range of motion exercises to identify areas of arthritis or other sources of pain, as arthritis progression can be gradual, making recognizing the extent of joint discomfort challenging.

Once an animal with arthritis is started on a medication for arthritis it is clear to see the contrast between arthritis and pain-free mobility!



We will perform specific examinations of the eyes and ears to ensure these specialized areas are free from issues. Detecting early signs of eye and ear diseases is crucial to prevent severe complications that could lead to lasting or permanent damage.

Treating eye and ear problems contributes significantly to your pet's quality of life.


Dr. Gifford is such a genuine person and explains everything so well to us. He and the rest of the staff make us feel comfortable while taking care of Henry and we trust them completely with all of his care! Would strongly recommend Dr. Gifford and his crew at Primary Pet Care!

Haley & Henry

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With skilled and compassionate hands, the Primary Pet Care team is committed to the long-term health of your pet.

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